Sister Episode: A New Friend 1b

Welcome to Cube City! is the first episode of the series.


Before the title part, It shows cubeix walking alone.

It fades to a sad, Dark, Dramatic Flashback: Cubeix was in a city of normalism. He played Soccer with his old Best Friend before... THE WAR STARTED. The Creature attacked and ate the souls of inconnent cubes. Cubeix's old Best Friend tried to save the moment, But at the last second, He was made lifeless. In his last words, He said to Cubeix: "Run, Run Away... You have the power... RUN, RUN AWAY..." and he dies. While running away with his family (Spread) Cubeix is left sad, Angered, and unlucky. In the middle of his walk, He seen a Green worm, And remembered The Creature, Thus getting anger-sad and reverting to his [SPOILER] [SPOILER]... But he reverted back after, And cryed.

These dark memories end, And Cubeix is already in the gate to Cube City.